Inclusivity, Fun, Positivity, 
Teamwork, Responsibility, Community.

The KAYT CORE VALUES help create a framework for all we do. Whether it be a volunteer, performer, or any other type of participant, we all strive to work from the same set of values to help the KAYT continue its mission to provide a positive theatrical experience for youth performers in the Kiel area.

Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome to be involved in our productions.  We promote the opportunity to participate to the Kiel community, and all from neighboring communities are welcome to join.  We welcome all people of diverse abilities and backgrounds to be a part of our group.

Fun: We believe that personal enjoyment through involvement is the foundation of this organization.  We place an emphasis on having fun no matter what we are doing as a member of our group. We structure our activities and schedule to make sure that we are providing ourselves with the opportunity to have fun and enjoy our time with each other.

Positivity: We believe in the development of everyone involved in our group through positive reinforcement and encouragement. We seek to solve any problems we are presented with together and in a positive way. We use kind words when we talk to each other, with a deep understanding of the power our words can have when we speak. We talk to each other with words that build each other up and enhance the self-esteem and self-worth of others.

Teamwork: We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and each part is dependent on all others to succeed. Everyone is an important member of our group, and we help and support each other to make sure everyone who is involved has the resources they need to be successful. We are not a collection of individual participants who do things on their own; rather, we operate as a single coordinated body.

Responsibility: Everyone has a role within our organization, and we are accountable for ensuring we fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our ability once we agree to do them. We employ the help of others when we need it, and we see our tasks through to the end with the understanding that others depend on us to do what we say we are going to do.

Community: We build internal and external partnerships throughout our group. We understand the importance of volunteer involvement within our organization and the establishment of a community within those volunteer groups to make our group successful. We build and maintain positive relationships with community groups and businesses because we understand the power of these relationships and because we want to function as a productive and active member of the community.