Choreography videos

Lovin' Summer! 2021

What Time Is It (All, opener)  

Movin' Right Along (RV/Travelers) 

Surfin' USA (Theater) 

Group 1: Jordyn, Kiah, Deidre, Gina (sticks and buckets)
Group 2: Addy J, Avery, Madyson, Elise (cans/shakers)
Group 3: Emilee, Bella, Gracie, Greta (plastic bottles)
Group 4: Hailey, Sophie S, Miriam, Cece (newspaper/cardboard) 

Synchronized Swimming, older kids (kids from various groups) 

Synchronized Swimming, younger kids (kids from various groups)

Synchronized Swimming, younger and older (kids from various groups) 

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Baseball and Extras) 

C'mon and Swim (Swimmers) 


Friend Like Me (Swimmers) 

Ease On Down the Road (Swimmers, Theater) 

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Swimmers, Theater, Campers)

Get Back Up Again (Swimmers, Theater, Campers, RV/Travelers)

My Shot (All)

Best Summer Ever (All, closer)