Dear Parents, 

With everything going on in the nation right now, KAYT wants to be supportive of all the changes and unknowns that everyone is dealing with.  We are putting our production on hold with the understanding that if the current situation lifts, we will move forward with a plan that works for both our students and the KAYT organization.  We have discussed options as a group and because there are too many unknowns, we are not comfortable with putting anything in stone or making a decision in haste.  Please know that we want what's best for all involved.  As soon as we can make a definitive decision, you will be notified.   Until then, please encourage your child to enjoy their script, listen to the score, and be supportive of each other. 

In addition, we wouldl like to remember the many local businesses that have supported KAYT throghout the years.  If and when possible, please consider supporting them during this difficult time. 

Most students have Google Hangouts through their school emails/accounts. Feel free to reach out to your fellow cast members and sing some songs, run an impromptu scene, tell each other jokes, or just connect to check in on each other.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  

Be Well,