The 2018 Wonka Jr. Cast Has Been Finalized!

Thank you once again to everyone who auditioned. Our cast list is now finalized!

HERE to view the list.
Parents: Please make sure your mandatory documents are complete by the 1st rehearsal, including the mandatory requirement to view/attend the parent meeting. If you haven't fulfilled that yet, please click here to be redirected to the parent resource page of KAYT where you will find all the forms needed in order to begin rehearsals and a link to the parent meeting webinar.  


If you are still in need of a script or music CD with all show music, please click HERE.

If you placed an order at auditions, your name has already been added. 
This is our final script order of the season.  ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN UNTIL SATURDAY APRIL 21, AT 5:00 pm.


Please help your child ride the wave of their recent enthusiasm by encouraging them to study their script for 20 minutes a day between now and May 14.  Once rehearsals start they are BUSY BUSY and some have exhausting hours between summer activities, summer school, and the scheduled rehearsals. Finding time and energy to study outside of rehearsal can be difficult. If they study up now in these small 20 minute increments we'll be way ahead come 5/14.  


So now everyone knows who they are playing. Parents, if you have any questions regarding the costume plot please let me know via email to  


We always need more! Please let us know how you can best help.


Conflicts are now locked and loaded! Alternates have been assigned. Please print and highlight the rehearsal schedule for your kiddos. I recommend two colors, one for each role, if they have two parts. Make sure to look at who is called for each song! Squirrels are also in Candyman, for instance. Cooks are also in Golden Age of Chocolate, etc etc.

MailChimp notifications: 

It has come to our attention that some interested parents are left off the list, though they have been on the list in the past. Each show we have to rebuild our list! :) This year we took the emails from the signup genius, so whomever signed up for auditions should already be on the list and receiving this email. If anyone additional in your household needs to be on the list, please send us that email address you would like to be added.  Please send an email to with the name and correct email address for those you would like added to our email list.  
Many Thanks,
Heather Winter
KAYT Director, Summer 2018